Throughout history simple home remedies, whole foods and herbal knowledge were part of a shared heritage that was passed from one generation to another. There are many reasons that we have lost that source of knowledge and transmission through families. Being able to utilize wild plants and cultivate the herbs and foods necessary to maintain family health is an important skillset that will help you and your family gain greater health independence.

Our Farm Mentorship is a year-long program that involves two week-long stays at the farm along with homework oversight and hands-on volunteer opportunities during the months in between. The design is intended to provide an immersive study experience while being practical for those who will need to travel to the farm.

The curriculum covers the foundations of herbalism, wild plant identification, physiology and pathophysiology of the human body, medicinal herbology, herb gardening, herbal preparation, natural cosmetics, medicinal formulation, native connection to the land, traditional foods preparation, the techniques of harvesting, drying and storing plants and much, much more.

Study with Dawn Combs and occasional guest teachers takes place at Mockingbird Meadows. We are a working herbal farm with a lot of hands on opportunity, see our facilities here.

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