Study With Dawn

Studying with Dawn will provide you with a practical knowledge of herbs supported with a solid background of science to understand body systems and how herbal medicine works.  Dawn’s unique niche as an herbalist includes the ability to combine folkloric aspects of herbalism with a solid underpinning of scientific background and research.  Dawn uses a common-sense approach to herbs based upon her ethnobotanical studies and her practical applications as an herbalist and business owner.  As a homesteader, Dawn’s teaching also includes the important link between herbs and whole-food choices to strive for balance and health.   

At Dawn’s farm Mockingbird Meadows you are provided the unique opportunity to see a practicing herbal business conducting the various aspects of herbalism in one location.  Our facilities provide the chance to see techniques for propagation, growing, harvesting, drying and processing and product making and production all in one location.  Combined with our teaching gardens and nearby natural areas, Dawn’s expertise provides a one-stop-shop for serious learning about herbs.  We are:

  • The only herbal education school in Ohio listed/affiliated with the American Herbalist’s Guild (AHG) and United Plant Savers (UpS)
  • Ohio’s only herbal higher education center that includes all aspects of herbalism from growing to product-making
  • Ohio’s largest ODA inspected natural-air drying facilities
  • One of only 6 instructors in the United States sanctioned to use Rosemary Gladstar’s Foundations of Herbalism textbook for instruction
  • One of only 8 United Plant Savers (UpS) botanical sanctuaries in Ohio (the second sanctuary after the Rutland Goldenseal Sanctuary)
  • 2013 Mother Earth News Magazine “Homesteaders of the Year”
  • Recipients of numerous awards, honors and media coverage, including the New York Times, Washington Post and Brides magazine
  • One of two businesses (including Jeni’s Ice Cream) selected to represent Ohio at the 2008 Slow Food Nation in San Francisco as “one of the best good, clean and fair products in the United States”