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Education and Research

United Plant Savers– This non-profit organization maintains an”At Risk” and a “To Watch” list of our medicinal plants. We are members and also the second Botanical Sanctuary in the State of Ohio. There is a lot of important conservation work being done here and you can join to hear more and support their work.

Seed Savers Exchange– The important work being done by Seed Savers Exchange is near and dear to our hearts. They maintain a network of home gardeners who are maintaining the diversity of our garden plants… safeguarding our food and medicine security. We are members and a location in their Community Seed Resource Network. You can buy seeds that they grow out from their rich seed bank and even visit their farm for education.

American Botanical Council– Our go-to site for reliable herbal medicine research. Their journal is second-to-none if you are a plant junkie who is interested in how plants can affect our health. Membership gives you access to their extensive database of plant research so you can make informed decisions about which plants might be right for you and your family.


Cultures for Health- When Dawn was struggling with infertility, the first thing she did was to change our food. Soooo many dead cultures and ferments were sacrificed on the altar of our family table…. Cultures for health has been an invaluable source of cultured materials and information. Here are a few of our family favorites that Dawn recommends during almost every talk she gives:

Kombucha Kamp- My friend, Hannah Crum, is the original Kombucha Mama. She and her husband are THE international experts in making kombucha. If you want to get started in this delicious drink you want to start here:


Hamilton Beech 8 quart Slow Cooker– So many crockpots on the market contain lead that it sort of defeats the purpose of making something healthy in them. A few years ago I did some research and felt comfortable with this cooker’s affirmation that it was lead free. It is what I use to make my continuous bone broth from Heal Local, 20 Essential Herbs for Do-it-Yourself Home Healthcare.

Finum Coffee Filter– We prefer to make our teas in mason jars. You can just strain out your Loose Leaf Tea with a common kitchen strainer, but we LOVE these coffee filters for the job. We have several ready to go at any time in our kitchen!

Soda Stream– We love to make our Herbal Drink Syrups into natural herbal sodas! The Soda Stream makes this so easy and economical.

Berkey Water Filter– You may not need the Big Berkey like we do… we have to have enough water for folks who come to classes here at the farm. There are many sizes, but this is our favorite way to remove fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals from your water. We live in a conventional farming area and drink off a well. We wouldn’t be without it!

Nutrimill Grain Grinder– One of the best ways to use healthy grains is to buy it in bulk and grind it yourself. Starting with the grain gives you more control over how it is prepared. You can soak and sprout the grain prior to grinding or soak and sour it after grinding. You simply can’t have this kind of control over things like the gluten content in your grain without your own grinder. This is our favorite.

Ball Jars- Seriously, we can’t function at our house without canning jars! They are our drinking glasses, we ferment vegetables in them, it’s how we make our herbal teas and much more!! THE most versatile tool in a healthy home!

Excalibur Dehydrator– No matter where you live there will be times when you can’t get your herbs to dry outside. We love our Excalibur dehydrator for drying not just our herbs, but for proofing bread, making infused herbal (raw) honey and much, more!!

Onyx Stainless Steel Popsicle Maker– We looked a long time for these! This is how we make all our Honey Spread Smoothie popsicles. With the stainless steel mold, there is no worrying about plastic contamination in your food.

KitchenAid Coffee Grinder- Every home kitchen should have a coffee grinder devoted strictly to grinding herbs and spices. This is a nice, economical choice.

Waring Commercial Grinder– If you find yourself grinding large amounts of herbs for spice blends, capsules or for making your own honey spreads, this is the best we’ve found before you get to the huge hopper varieties of grinder.

Potato Ricer– You can buy an expensive tincture press, but we like a simple potato ricer for hand-squeezing the last little bits of liquid out of your herbs.

Vita-Mix– We bought nearly 100 cheap blenders trying to avoid spending the money to buy a good Vita-Mix blender. They all died quickly and never did the job well. Eventually we bought our Vita-Mix and have never had to replace it… it would have saved us a lot of money to buy it in the first place. In the home health kitchen it is invaluable to be able to make nut butters, garden-fresh pestos or morning smoothies. This is the best we’ve found!

Dried Herbs, Ingredients and Containers

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Starwest Botanicals

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