Infused Honey

Rose Petal Infused Honey


Product Description

Our Rose Petal Infused Honey begins on a cloudless June day when the roses (Rosa rugosa) are blooming here at the farm. Each morning we head out just after the dew has dried and the bees are beginning to buzz. The rose petals are supple and sensuous and they glow with the love we have for our land. As we pick our head is filled with the scent of freshly grated spices and a musky floral that is unique to these bushes that grow here with us. Only those blooms with perfect petals that are just beginning to open are selected. They are immediately placed into our sustainably raised raw honey. Over a period of one to three months this honey will be exposed to the warmth of the sun and the energy of the moon as it waxes and wanes across the sky. Toward the end of this time period it is tasted almost daily to find the point at which the flavor and phytochemical benefit has married perfectly with the complexity of our honey.

Imagine our Rose Petal Infused Honey as a simple syrup base for your next party drink, over a luscious cheesecake or on fresh berries! For the truly adventurous try it as a marinade for your salmon. Le Cordon Bleu in Boston used it to make a great dish….so can you!!

**WARNING: As we make this honey only once a year and only with fresh herbs. The quantity is limited. When it is gone we cannot make more until next year. If you love it- get yours early!

A word about our honey….our honey is harvested once a year in an effort to capture a full bodied flavor. You will taste the brightness and sweetness of spring mellowed with the bitter, darkness of fall – all at once. We build all our infusions and spreads on this complex flavor profile. At Mockingbird Meadows, we focus on the health of our bees over our bottom line. We do not use any chemicals in our hives or our property. We save back a large portion of our harvest every year to ensure the bees are fed only their own honey rather than high fructose corn syrup or sugar water. We harvest completely by hand and disrupt the natural rhythm of the lives of our bees as little as possible. Our bees are happy and healthy and this leaves them free to fly farther and look harder for the most nutritive pollen and nectar for the raw (never, ever heated!) products we deliver to you. (5.5 ounces)