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The wise individual values the health and sustainability of the source of their food and medicine.

our values

We believe that food is our medicine and medicine should be our food.

We truly are what we eat and what all of us eats matters.

We recognize that knowledge is power when it comes to our health and that to move forward we must know and respect our past and use that health knowledge in conjunction with today’s science.

We strive to make the most healthful products that meet you the consumer where you are so you can start your personal journey to better health.



Our beekeeping practices are centered around a philosophy that the health of the bee comes first. By using chemical-free methods and reducing stressors, we strive to give our bees greater chances in a world full of threats. We’ve used our BEESfirst philosophy to train other small beekeepers to work with the bee naturally.

United Plant Savers (UpS)

We support organizations like UpS who are working to conserve endangered medicinals and teach the need for using reputable suppliers and harvesting sustainably. Our farm is Ohio’s second UpS sanctuary after the original Goldenseal sanctuary in Rutland.


Traditional Folklore

At Mockingbird Meadows, we believe that generations before us held substantial health knowledge that was passed down from one generation to the next. Traditional uses of plant medicine around the world for centuries also provides a wealth of knowledge that should not be discounted.  Our teaching and products here at the farm are based on an underlying awareness of these historic uses of plants and that Grandma really did know what she was doing.

Scientific Support

In today’s medicalized society, it is often too easy to discount traditional ideas about health and that science is superior.  We believe that folklore and today’s science can and should complement each other.  Research into the plants is increasing daily and is beginning to provide valuable support for many traditional remedies.  We encourage a blending of both systems as a way to better find the truth of what plants and nature can do for us.


Heal Local

The “local” movement is not just about eating or shopping.  Dawn’s book Heal Local emphasizes the need to create local medicine economies and to know from where your medicine comes. Can you say where your bottle of pharmaceuticals came from and how it has been created, shipped and stored?

Local Begins at Home

At Mockingbird Meadows we emphasize education that can provide you with the tools to do-it-yourself and become more health independent.  We teach about what’s in your own backyard and how you can learn the basics to take care of day-to-day issues for you and your family.


Personal Responsibility

Education is essential to make your own good health decisions.  We believe that good health happens when we’re personally vested in our own outcomes. At Mockingbird Meadows we provide tools to teach you how to seek out relevant health information and make your own health decisions while providing you with products that get you started on your own road to balance.

Every Body is Different

There are no guaranties in herbal health.  For every issue there are always many different herbal options available.  At Mockingbird Meadows we provide quality formulations to get you started on your path to better health, but also provide education and resources to teach you about other alternatives that are possible.