Speaking Engagements

One of Dawn’s great passions is sharing knowledge through teaching and speaking on the farm and around the country. Dawn provides lectures, presentations and speaking sessions tailored to a broad range of groups:

  • National conferences & symposiums
  • Herbal societies & groups
  • Nursing groups & medical practitioners
  • T.V. and radios
  • Midwife and Alternative Medicine Practitioners
  • Homesteader, preparatory & DIY groups
  • Local foods groups

Download Dawn’s Curriculum Vitate

All of Dawn’s speaking topics revolve around her work as an ethnobotanist and author, as well as her farm experience as a model for living closer to the land and increasing one’s personal health choices and responsibility. Dawn’s broad range of personal experience and expertise allows her to customize presentations in these topic areas to meet any group’s speaking needs: 

  • How to Heal Local
  • The Road to Health is Through Your Stomach
  • Finding Medicine in Your Backyard
  • Home Healthcare for Your Thyroid
  • Virtual Medicine Walk
  • Don’t Just Eat Local… Heal Local
  • Soil Health and Human Fertility
  • A Scholarly Approach to Botanical Wellness
  • Honey and the History of Eating Your Medicine
  • Sustainable Hive Products: Balancing Consumer Demand With Colony Health
  • Adrenal Health: Menopause, Sleep and Beyond
  • Ethnobotany For Kids
  • Growing Your Health Independence
  • Herbal Balance: Natural Hormonal Balance for the Reproductive System
  • Native Superfoods: Herbal Powerhouses in Our Midst
  • Becoming an Informed Herbal Consumer

If you or your group is interested in having Dawn speak or would like Dawn to provide on-site workshop instruction and bring herbal knowledge to where you are, call 614.354.5162 to schedule an event.