Our Story

Mockingbird Meadows started with just one hive and a bit of a fib. When Dawn “retired” from corporate America in 2005 to run a small, home business and have a family Carson wasn’t thrilled with her plan to get into beekeeping. The compromise involved only one hive, and a promise that he would never have to work with the bees. Before the first year was out the couple had purchased over ten hives and Carson would find himself as the chief beekeeper.

The farm started off selling local, raw honey, bubble bath, lip balm and body cream at Worthington Farmer’s Market. Within a year, Dawn received an infertility diagnosis and the farm followed the couple’s health struggles. When the medical community no longer had anything to offer them, Dawn and Carson began to make lifestyle changes that included the use of botanical supplements. The body care, cleaning supplies and basic health supplements they made for themselves were offered to an expanding customer base. The farm took on a new look as an increased production of medicinal herbs was needed to fill their desire for local ingredients. The bee yard expanded and a commercial kitchen and drying facility were built on the property.

A visit from a friend on a homeschool fieldtrip inspired Dawn to open the farm for tours and classes. Education would become one of the most important focuses on the farm. Dawn began writing in 2013 when she was asked to share the story of her struggles with, and eventual triumph over, infertility.

The release of Dawn’s book, Heal Local, in 2015 solidified the couple’s commitment to providing educational resources for those seeking to become more self-sufficient in their home healthcare.

As she began to travel more as a professional speaker, she realized that they needed a larger platform from which to share their message. The Heal Local website was created to bring in more voices, share resources and meet people where they are with sound, practical and scientifically based education.