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As a small farm, we’ve been producing cutting-edge products for over a decade

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Meet our farm staff! All of us in the Combs family work very hard on a daily basis here at the farm. There really isn’t a difference between work and play, home and office. We live and love what we do from sunup to sundown… and often well into the night.


I’m an Ohio girl, born and raised. Growing up, we always had a garden and while it was part of my chores to help out, it wasn’t always easy for my parents to get me out there. They were surprised when I entered college as a Botany major. I built my education unconventionally, studying with Rosemary Gladstar, traveling to the Amazon and completing my Masters degree, to become an ethnobotanist. Education aside, it’s been my experiences that have made Mockingbird Meadows and I what we are. Shortly after Carson and I were married I was diagnosed as infertile. After exhausting our medical options, I decided to use my education to find a solution. After creating a successful protocol for my body I was able to give birth to our two children. My challenges led me to create the products here at the farm and to write my first book, Conceiving Healthy Babies. Today, I am the master formulator for all of our lines, I also contribute to several national magazines and am in the process of publishing my third book. I am serious about empowering people to take charge of their health as an educator whether it is on a stage while traveling the country as a professional speaker or teaching a class here at the farm. Not too many people can say that they work their passion, I’m very blessed!


While growing up, my family spent the summers growing vegetable gardens and working outside.  I always enjoyed being in the outdoors with my hands and feet in the dirt.  My MCRP and MLA from Ohio State took my interests in landscape design from the garden to large scale.  As an adjunct professor I assisted with site analysis and conceptual design studios.  For over 15 years I also worked as a professional city planner managing long range projects focused on area planning and conceptual design character.

I brought my skills back to the garden-scale to physically build Mockingbird Meadows with Dawn from the ground up to create an interesting farm that uses our land efficiently. Today I oversee farming and apiary practices and manage our commercial kitchen operation.  My years with Dawn made me an herbalist-in-training by default, and today I enjoy sharing what I’m learning each day with our customers.


On our farm, I’m the Master of the Chickens. I enjoy helping around the farm, and you may see me working behind the tables at a farmer’s market or the Mother Earth News Fair. I always love to meet people who come to the farm.


As the second assistant, my jobs on the farm include Chief Officer in Charge of Fairy Relations and the farm Cat Whisperer. I enjoy greeting people who come to the farm and love to help harvest herbs and pick flowers.


Our rescue Beagle-Staffy believes it is her job as official greeter to visit with everyone who comes to the farm. She especially loves to sit in your lap during classes if you are a massage therapist. We’re pretty lucky to have her, and she’s become an important part of the family!


As if it wasn’t possible to work even harder than we do, our honeybees spend countless hours gathering pollen and nectar to make our wildflower honey. One of nature’s best little workers makes our herbs look spectacular and are integral to making our health farm such a great place to live, learn and work.

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