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A quick stroll down memory lane shows us just how far we’ve come in a few short years…

August 2003
Our Future Farmstead is Purchased
After getting married and living in the city, we move out and find a blank slate on which to return to the country life.  Little did we know that our bare yard with a fall garden would develop into something!

history beginning

Original Farm Logo Created
With the idea of actually calling our place a farm, we set out to create a logo for our new endeavor into working the land and raising bees.

history first logo

Farm Officially Begins Operation
After years of building the farm, Mockingbird Meadows officially begins as a business at the Worthington Farmers Market. Small beginnings with a little green vintage 70s card table and a few bottles of plain honey!

history start of market

April 2006
Mockingbird Sets the Trend for Infused Honeys
As Dawn’s herbal training takes off, experimentation leads to the creation of our herbal infused honeys. Done through solar/lunar infusion and not heated or flavored, our signature products lead to 12 different varieties and eventual recognition at Slow Food Nation in San Francisco.

history infused honey

May 2007
Mockingbird Updates its Farm Logo
Our farm logo takes on the hexagon shape to signify the importance of the honeycomb to our business as a honey farm. As part of the new look, we have our first website for the farm developed.

history original hex logo

August 2007
Farm Continues to Develop
As landscaping and gardens go in, our land starts to transform from a blank canvas to a working farm for both herbs and bees.

history farm developing

April 2010
Honey Spreads Unveiled as the Next Trend
With infused honeys becoming more mainstream, Dawn’s return to the test kitchen results in the creation of our next cutting-edge line of products. Made to get our son to take herbs, our new product line blends honey and herbs together into a healthy spread that’s also tasty!

honey spreads
history old labels v2

March 2014
Book and Institute used to Promote our Education Mission
With our growing emphasis on herbal education and the release of Dawn’s first book, Mockingbird Meadows promotes the Mockingbird Meadows Eclectic Herbal Institute to highlight our unique role in teaching higher education for herbal health in Ohio.

history institute

June 2015
Heal Local Signifies our Focus on Better Health
The release of Dawn’s second book, Heal Local, serves as the cornerstone of our efforts to teach people about health independence and the importance of having the knowledge to take care of your own family with things that you have in the home and the plants that you have outside your backdoor.

January 2017
Logo Modified to Highlight Herbal Health Farm Focus
At the farm we make a decision to shift away from general body care products to establish ourselves as a business making herbal products for better health. Our Mockingbird logo changes to meet that new mission.

history herbal logo

February 2017
Mockingbird Meadows Introduces our TEAshots line of products.
Our farm begins marketing our honey spreads as a pre-sweetened herbal tea.  Based on consumer feedback about the need for vegan and diabetic options, we unveil our line of herbal tea powders as an unsweetened version of the original.

history TEAshots

August 2017
Expansion of Operations and focus on Product Making
As the only one of its kind in Ohio, a significant expansion of our commercial facility space means that we’re serious about making products that can help people lead a healthier life. After years of use, our honey kitchen was getting too small for production.

history farm expansion

January 2018
Mockingbird Unveils New Look
The start of a new year also means the start of a whole new look. As we prepare to splash out into retail outlets, Mockingbird Meadows unveils a new logo with color splash on black background. A new business look and website signals our move from a hobby farm to a serious herbal business.

February 2018
Syrup Line Emphasizes Ease
Continuing to respond to the needs of consumers and to meet people where they are in their journey to improve their own health, we test and bring our herbal formulas to market as a drink syrup that can be conveniently added to food or drinks…especially to seltzer to make a delicious herbal supplement soda. Coffee, tea, soda, pancakes and more, we’re providing tastier options for your daily health support.

Present Day
Farm Continues to Change and Mature
As each year passes, we continue to make changes and evolve as our farm business and products change.  We hope you enjoy our continual efforts to do things better and better each day!

history barn and apiary
history pond gardens