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As a small farm, we’ve been producing cutting-edge products for over a decade.

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Mockingbird Meadows is the “home farm” of author Dawn Combs. In 2005 we converted a house and large conventional lawn into a fully functioning honey and herb operation and teaching facility. As a small farm and homestead, we demonstrate the efficient and effective use of land and teach about the use of herbs and hive products as an alternative to conventional options for increased health awareness.


As a member of United Plant Savers (UpS), we grow a variety of at-risk and endangered medicinal herbs. We strive to support conservation and education efforts and use our farm and the surrounding area to teach the importance of conservation efforts and responsible use. Our farm was the second UpS sanctuary in Ohio and is one of nine current network members in the state.


While organic agriculture has been all the rage, we’ve been one of only a few farms in Central Ohio using biodynamic principles. Our efforts are not just chemical-free, but focus on the creation of balanced soil as the foundation for better plants, happier bees and a healthier life. Our good health is directly related to the health of the soil on which we live and from which we eat.


Mockingbird Meadows was one of the first honey farms in Central Ohio to adopt chemical-free beekeeping practices. We continue to share our knowledge through small local workshops, trade shows and national conference presentations.


Mockingbird Meadows is also a Monarch Waystation and sanctuary for a variety of other butterflies, dragonflies and native pollinators.  We strive to provide as much native plantings as we can provide for both food and habitat. Our farm serves as an oasis within the conventional agriculture that surrounds us.


Our farm is a working homestead, and our business is merely an extension of everyday life. Here on the farm we grow our medicine in the same rows as we grow our food This demonstrates the need to “eat our medicine” in a practical way. Our work to teach others about backyard herbal health and working to create local medicine economies led to our selection by Mother Earth News magazine as “2013 National Homesteaders of the Year.”


Mockingbird Meadows is the leading provider of botanical supplements and related education in Ohio. We are responsible for the only herbal honey spreads of their kind on the market and were the first to craft slow-process herbal infused honeys in Central Ohio. This innovation led us to be named in 2008 as “one of the best of the good clean and fair products in the United States” by Slow Food Nation. We were honored as one of two Ohio representatives for the national event.

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