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We do it all…from growing and harvesting to processing and teaching.

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Mockingbird Meadows is the only farm of its kind in Ohio providing a full range of herbal facilities and education on-site.  As a teaching farm inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA), we provide a unique learning lab that includes product-making, teaching, research and retail activity.

Our apprentices not only come to the farm to learn, but are provided the opportunity to be involved in the day-to-day activities of a working herb farm and focus on individual areas of interest.


As a teaching farm, we have well over 100 different medicinal specimens on the farm.  Some of our gardens are for production, while others are designed into the fabric of the farm to provide learning opportunities.  As a botanical sanctuary, we are linked with other sanctuaries in the UpS network and also have local farmland preservation space and protected prairie space nearby.


The front of our farm includes a walking labyrinth and Native American medicine wheel.  Our labyrinth provides an opportunity for meditation and reflection, while the medicine wheel is organized by body systems for teaching purposes.


As the largest ambient air drying facility in Ohio, we provide a unique opportunity for people to learn how they can think “big” for their own herbal endeavors.  The design of our drying spaces have been featured on Hobby Farms Magazine online.


Our inspected kitchen facilities provide the opportunity for budding herbalists and do-it-yourselfers to learn the hoops and hurdles that are necessary to start any herbal business. Our teaching includes the regulations and requirements that are part of the herbal supplement and bodycare world.


Our farm’s apothecary and classroom provides an intimate setting in which to learn about honey and herbs. Our facility includes Dawn’s personal reference library, a working apothecary and small retail space.


Our farm includes one of our apiaries for pollination and teaching.  Here at Mockingbird Meadows we use chemical-free methods and implement our sustainable beekeeping practices in a manner to produce a higher-quality honey and as a teaching environment for students interested in beekeeping differently.