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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you get your honey?

A. We raise most of our own honey. When we exceed what we are able to produce sustainably we buy from beekeepers who have taken our sustainable beekeeping training and others who are keeping bees in a similar way to our sustainable practices.

Q. Do you grow your own herbs?

A. When we first started we grew quite a lot of our own herbs. When we decided to apply for organic status for some of our products, we were forced to source herbs from off the farm. We use our herbs for many of the specialty products that we create that are not made available to other retail outlets.  While our farmland is not certified, we’ve been chemical-free for 15 years and counting. When we source herbs, we are careful to source all of them either organic and fair trade or ethically wildcrafted when organic is not possible. It is important to us that the products we make for you do not negatively impact the communities where they are harvested or the ability for the plant itself to retain habitat. These are products we make for our family, so we want the highest quality possible.

Q. Do your honey spreads/honey boosters really work?

A. All of our formulas were originally created for our family, friends or clients. After they were used, loved and found to be effective we released them to the public. As a homesteader farm, it is important for our customers to know that we are not just selling products… we “live” them. That being said, please be aware as you read customer feedback or our personal experiences that everyone’s body is different. You may not have the same experience as someone else, or have it in the same amount of time. Be patient with yourself. We hope that our products can be a great addition to everything you are doing to live a more full, healthy and natural life.

Q. Can I use several of your honey spreads/honey boosters together?

A. The short answer is yes. The spreads will not cause a bad interaction to eat them in combination (with the exception of Sleep Well and Revive which would of course cancel each other out!). We don’t recommend that you try to use too many of them together at once. It is better to think about what your most distracting symptom might be (sleep problem, arthritis pain) or look for a base issue (digestion imbalance or immune deficiency) and work on that first. Often if we quiet the worst symptom and attack the base issue other symptoms that may have seemed unrelated may be resolved on their own.

Q. How should I eat your honey spreads?

A. We believe our honey spreads should be eaten and enjoyed. Please feel free to “play” by adding them to anything that isn’t actively heating or boiling. This means you can put them in your hot tea or coffee after they have been made or you can stir them into peanut butter, smoothies or oatmeal. You can top a piece of bread or a cracker. We here at the farm tend to just eat them right off the spoon!

Q. How much sugar is in your honey spread?

A. Raw honey honey is a natural sugar. It will enter the bloodstream slowly and does not cause a spike in insulin. It is, however, still a sugar and should be counted in your total daily sugar intake if you are sensitive to sugar. Our honey spreads are intended to be eaten in one teaspoon servings. In that amount of honey you can expect 20 calories with 5.7 grams total carbohydrates made up of 5.3 grams of sugar.

Q. Do you make essential oils?

A. No. We specialize in whole plant supplements. We prefer to make products that allow you to eat the entire plant ingredient to benefit from the broad spectrum of phytochemicals available rather than focusing on one particular chemical type. The preparations that you find on our website that are in dropper bottles are tinctures rather than essential oils and they are made in a completely different way.

Q. I want to make just one spoonful of a honey booster, how do I do that?

A. Our honey boosters are designed in such a way that one tin can be added to one pound of honey. If you would like to make a smaller amount of honey spread, you may begin by splitting the can in half to equal a half pound of honey and so on until you reach the desired amount of honey. One pound of honey by weight is equal to 1 1/3 cup of honey by volume.

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