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conceiving healthy babies

Healthy babies don’t just happen. The lifestyle of the prospective parents is a crucial factor in promoting fertility and ensuring a successful pregnancy. But the average North American diet is saturated with processed foods and environmental toxins are rampant—we must take responsibility for what we put into and onto our bodies to create optimum conditions for the childbearing year.

Drawing on the author’s own personal triumph over infertility, Conceiving Healthy Babies is a unique herbal guide geared to helping couples achieve balance in preconception, pregnancy, lactation, and beyond. Its individualized approach to fertility explains the importance of:

  • Understanding, accepting, and celebrating our own bodies
  • Basing our diets on organic, nutrient-dense foods that have been traditionally prepared
  • Using whole plants in their original form for their medicinal benefits

Packed with detailed information on hundreds of different herbs with a focus on their roles in building healthy babies, this comprehensive manual is a roadmap to wellbeing. The reference guide is rounded out by complete information on herbal use before, during, and post-pregnancy, and special attention is paid to supporting nursing and lactation. Whether you are have experienced challenges in conceiving or just want to ensure that your pregnancy is as natural and uncomplicated as possible, Conceiving Healthy Babies is an indispensable guide.

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This is a ‘must read’ for any couple struggling to get pregnant and start a family.  Heartfully honest, the author shares her own deeply personal story as she explores the depth of the problems surrounding fertility ~ or lack of it. When the ‘solutions’ offered by the medical professions become worse than the issue, Dawn and her husband begin their journey to find the answers.  2 toddlers later, after endless amounts of experience and research, this woman who was tagged ‘infertile’  has a whole lot to say on the subject.   This a wise, truthful empowering book, and offers some of the best advice I’ve seen on the subject of creating healthy thriving babies.

~Rosemary Gladstar, world renowned herbalist and author

It’s been told me that genius is focus. If this is so, and I suspect it is, there is true genius revealed in this book. Dawn Combs’s conversation about building healthy babies has documented a path of a devoted warrior. Dismissing the delusive conclusions of medical authorities that her reproductive system was “broke,” Dawn and her husband using natural methods rekindled balance in their bodies and conceived a healthy child. And a second one. Congratulations. Herein lays a vivid testament that our health is natural and both men and women have options when necessary to revive and experience it.

~James Green, Herbalist ~ Author of The Male Herbal and The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook

Couples who find themselves frustrated when navigating fertility options in our modern system will find an exhale of relief in Dawn Combs’ Conceiving Healthy Babies. This brilliant new book offers straightforward, practical advice on natural methods for fertility support from a place of personal experience. Couples will find reassurance in her guidance on nutrition, herbs, and plant-based solutions for building a healthy baby. The time-honored teachings reintroduced through this book find modern relevance through pragmatic and thoughtful recommendations on how to weave them into daily practice. Every couple struggling to conceive should read this book.

~ Emily Ruff, herbalist and director, Florida School of Holistic Living and Florida Herbal Conference

This is a wonderful book and a welcome addition to any herbal or natural birthing library.
~ Stephen Harrod Buhner, award-winning author, Herbal Antibiotics and Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm

Conceiving Healthy Babies will change the way you think about your health as a prospective parent. Through her personal triumph over an infertility diagnosis, Dawn Combs shares her whole food and whole plant strategies for balance throughout preconception, pregnancy and lactation wrapped up neatly in a practical herbal for us all. Conceiving Healthy Babies is a guide to living well along with being a guide to healing fertility issues. The focus on preconception care is the right approach to creating and raising healthy children. As an integrative pediatrician whose practice focuses on whole food nutrition and keeping the gut healthy, Dawn’s book resonates with my philosophy of care for my patients and their families. Conceiving Healthy Babies provides a roadmap for couples and families to healthfully navigate preconception, pregnancy and lactation and ultimately the raising of the healthiest child possible.

~ Dhanu Sant, MD, WholeKids Pediatrics

I am so excited about this book. I can’t wait to get it into the hands of our clients. It is clear, concise and informative, and this information is immeasurably needed in a medical environment where infertility is treated as a one-treatment-fits-all issue, rather than as a multifaceted and individualized wellness issue. I especially like the recurring message that each person has their own best formula for healthy balance and listening to your body is the key to finding yours. Thank you, Dawn Combs, for this gift to childbearing women.

~ Nina McIndoe, CPM, Executive Director, Center for Humane Options in Childbirth Experiences

Conceiving Healthy Babies is written with the knowledge of understanding. First of all, understanding what it is like to be told by a broken “healthcare” system that one is broken. Secondly, the understanding that comes from taking control of one’s own health in order to regain the balance that is our birthright. And finally, the understanding that comes from having an academic AND working knowledge of the herbs grown on her own biodynamic family farm. Dawn Combs is a teacher and a healer in the truest sense of these words.

~ Kathryn M. Bennett, DC, Worthington Optimal Wellness

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