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Welcome to our new site, Heal Local! The idea for this site was born after my book Heal Local, 20 Essential Herbs for Do-it-Yourself Home Healthcare was published. I’ve spent a lot of time observing what’s available on the internet while writing for several other online blogs. One of my biggest frustrations is the prevailing idea that there is “one way” to do health. Usually, that one way is supported with a lot of research and fact, but there is always a feeling that you should think the way the owners of the site do. This goes against what I believe about the body.

Growing up, I was taught to gather information and to make my own decisions. Because of this I am very distrustful of people who try to tell me what to think. Health is a very personal matter. Our bodies are individual from one another. There are NO universal answers. It seemed to me that what we needed was a place where people could go for information on a variety of ways to get to health without bias.

Heal Local is the home site for my curiosity. It is my intention that the information found on this site should meet you where you are, rather than ask you to come to my way of thinking first before we have a conversation. When I have a bias I’ll express it, but I’ll always invite you to disagree and question. This won’t be a sterile environment devoid of opinion. I’m inviting you into my family, where everyone is free to do it their own way and we all respect each other for our choices. In my family, no one is offended because someone else thinks differently. The pull of ideas allows everyone to grow and often provides a new and unseen perspective. I intend to learn as much from those who comment and take part in this community as you will from me.

There is too much stigma in natural health. There are too many people standing in their corners shouting that their way is the only way. We have unnecessary drama between complementary medicine and Western medicine. We vilify each other for our choices and chase away those who would like to make a change. This muddies the water and makes it difficult for many of us to know our options. This site is intended to be a clearing house to find information on those options- what does a functional medical doctor do? What are the pros and cons of some of the most popular ways of eating (vegan, paleo, blood type, etc.)? Using the video channel and the blog I will explore many of these questions, looking for answers and always asking you to think about how what I find applies to your life.

Because I believe that food is your medicine you will find recipes, videos and blogs focusing on how to use food to heal your body.

Because I believe in knowing the plants on a personal level, you will find botanical information on how the plants grow, how to identify them and how people around the world have used them for food, medicine, clothing, household goods and more.

Because I live a life where food and medicine grow side by side in my gardens and I believe that everyone should be self-sufficient in their home healthcare, you will always find real life experiences and instructions to help you grow in these skills as well.

It is my hope that everyone feels welcome here. It is my hope that the person who is eating an entirely processed diet and on several medications finds this site as approachable as the healthcare professional who runs a clinic. We all have valuable insights and none of us can start towards a healthier life from anywhere other than where we are today.

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  1. I just found your site. I became very interested in herbalism just last summer and am now looking for other herbalists in Ohio. I live in NE Ohio. I have a great deal to learn yet but can’t wait to sift through your site here!

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